The Center for Hyperhidrosis at Columbia University Medical Center has been instrumental in modifying the surgical techniques for hyperhidrosis treatment to minimize side effects and improve the results of surgical therapy

Welcome to the Center for Hyperhidrosis

In cooperation with other centers where surgery for hyperhidrosis is performed, we continue to analyze surgical outcomes to further improve the results of surgery. Dr. Gorenstein not only performs surgery for hyperhidrosis, but is well recognized as a leader in the field of Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery, and is the director of Minimally Invasive Thoracic Surgery at Columbia University Medical Center.

At the Center for Hyperhidrosis at Columbia University Medical Center we have developed a multidisciplinary approach to the management of hyperhidrosis treatment in NYC . Surgery very effectively eliminates hyperhidrosis, but there may be some unavoidable side effects. We believe that non-surgical methods to control and treat hyperhidrosis should be tried before considering surgery. For that reason, our team includes not only Board Certified Thoracic Surgeons who specialize in minimally invasive thoracic surgery, but also Board Certified Dermatologists who are regarded amongst the best doctors for hyperhidrosis treatment in NYC. Employing a team approach that offers both medical and surgical treatments, we believe all patients can obtain relief from symptoms.

Hyperhidrosis Treatment Options

If you need hyperhidrosis treatment in NYC, there are many non-surgical alternatives to treat patients. At the Center for Hyperhidrosis at Columbia University Medical Center, a team approach is used to evaluate and treat all patients with hyperhidrosis in New York and beyond. Under the guidance of a board certified dermatologist, a trial of topical remedies may be recommended if they have not yet been tried. If you need hyperhidrosis treatment in NYC, our team will discuss treatment plan options depending on the overall severity of the condition. Below are some of the hyperhidrosis treatment options available to patients:

  • “I almost traveled to California to have ETS. I was so relieved to find ETS was available in New York at Columbia University Medical Center. The entire staff was very professional and caring from my first evaluation right through the entire procedure.”

    HH New York, NY
  • “I no longer worry about meeting people. This procedure has dramatically changed my life. I have no regrets, and given the choice I would certainly do it again.”

    LT New York, NY
  • “I have mild compensatory sweating, but that sure beats what I was like before surgery. I strongly recommend this to people with severe hand sweating.”

    RB New York, NY

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