Below are testimonials from actual patients at The Center For Hyperhidrosis. We strive for excellence in patient satisfaction. Although these are real testimonials from real clients, results for individual procedures can vary. Call us today to speak with a professional about your particular situation and we will be happy to advise on procedure options.

  • “I almost traveled to California to have ETS. I was so relieved to find ETS was available in New York at Columbia University Medical Center. The entire staff was very professional and caring from my first evaluation right through the entire procedure.”

    HH New York, NY
  • “I no longer worry about meeting people. This procedure has dramatically changed my life. I have no regrets, and given the choice I would certainly do it again.”

    LT New York, NY
  • “I have mild compensatory sweating, but that sure beats what I was like before surgery. I strongly recommend this to people with severe hand sweating.”

    RB New York, NY
  • “ETS dramatically changed my life. I now feel confident about myself. I am so glad that I did this.”

    BS New York, NY
  • “The procedure went smoothly just as I was told. I have no regrets.”

    RG New York, NY
  • “It was great to learn that ETS is available at a major academic medical center in New York City.”

    JZ New York, NY
  • "I wanted to update you on the results of ETS for facial blushing in hopes that it might help others as well. The surgery was a success and I no longer blush, a life changing result. My daily anxiety has been reduced by about 60% because I no longer have to think of how to prevent myself from going red or a way to get out of social situations because I feared blushing. I find myself actually wanting to go out every day and not just sit in my room to avoid social situations. When in situations where I would usually blush I either feel completely normal and have no thought of blushing or I have a phantom blush where I think I still might blush but it never happens. I thank you for offering this surgery to patients like me because it has already made a big impact on my life and I know it will help me in college life and my future career."

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