How to Stop Excessive Underarm Sweating

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When you’re at the gym, on a run, or simply out and about in some stifling summer heat, you expect to sweat. Sweating in these situations is not only natural and common, but it is also necessary to regulate the body’s temperature. However, unexpected sweating can really put a damper on your day. One of the most common forms of casual sweating is underarm sweat. Everyone has been in a situation where they have sweat through the fabric of their shirt due to the inability to stop underarm sweat. While there are not many underarm sweat treatments for one hundred-degree weather or strenuous exercise, there are a multitude of remedies and tips on how to stop excessive underarm sweating. The Center for Hyperhidrosis is here to help you on your journey to stop underarm sweat. Here at The Center for Hyperhidrosis, we classify underarm sweat treatment into three categories: 1. Natural Remedies, 2. Tips and Tricks, and 3. Our own treatments.

Natural Remedies for Underarm Sweat 

While the list of natural remedies for underarm sweat could be as long as a novel, we have four easy to implement natural practices that can make an almost immediate impact in stopping underarm sweat. 


  • Stay Hydrated


Drinking plenty of fluids and consuming foods high in water content can help to keep your body cool which in turn prevents sweating including underarm sweat.


  • Avoid Sweat Inducing Foods


Some common foods and nutritional components that can cause the body to work overtime and increase underarm sweat levels include spicy dishes, alcoholic beverages, and caffeine. Additionally, foods high in sodium and fat cause the body temperature to rise as the sodium and fat are processed leading to additional perspiration. 


  • Eat Sweat Reducing Foods 


On the flip side of sweat-inducing foods, there lie certain types of food that can help prevent or reduce underarm sweat. Foods that are easy on the digestive system are some of the best foods to help stop underarm sweat. Some examples include almonds, bananas, and fruits and vegetables high in water content.


  • Shave 


Shaving your underarms is another great natural remedy for underarm sweat. Hair’s main function is to help keep the body warm, so when placed in this context, shaving your underarms is an obvious choice as an underarm sweat treatment.

Tips and Tricks to Stop Underarm Sweat

Aside from natural remedies, The Center for Hyperhidrosis has also compiled a handful of tips and tricks to stop underarm sweat


  • Switch to Antiperspirant 


Despite common misconceptions, regular gel deodorant does not help to stop underarm sweat. However, antiperspirant deodorant, which can be most easily identified by its white color, works to both prevent unpleasant odor as well as combat underarm sweat.


  • Wear Breathable Clothes 


It may be one of our most obvious tips, but wearing lightweight or breathable clothing can be a great underarm sweat treatment. Lighter clothing allows your skin to come in contact with more oxygen which helps to cool the skin.


  • Stop Smoking 


The nicotine found in cigarettes and other tobacco products affects the body in a similar fashion to caffeine. The body’s response to both substances includes an increase in body temperature, increased heart rate, and increased sweat gland function. 


  • Wait to Get Dressed after Showering 


You may have noticed from your own experience that after a shower you begin to sweat, especially if you took a hot shower or entered a warm room. Simply waiting a few minutes to let your body cool down after a shower can play a huge role in stopping underarm sweat.

Underarm Sweat Treatment with The Center of Hyperhidrosis 

Sometimes natural remedies and tips are not enough to be effective underarm sweat treatments. If this is the case for you, do not worry because the experts at The Center of Hyperhidrosis have years of experience and knowledge under their belts to help show you how to stop excessive underarm sweating. Along with our talented staff, we also offer underarm sweat treatments such as Miradry, Botox, and Iontophoresis. Contact The Center for Hyperhidrosis today if you have any questions.


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