How to Wash Hands

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Hand washing has always been a foundation of safety and health but now, more than ever, a proper handwashing technique is essential for adequate hand hygiene for prevention of Coronavirus. COVID-19 is currently sweeping the globe in the form of an unpredictable virus. While there is a lot of unknown surrounding coronavirus, one thing is clear. Learning how to wash your hands and a proper handwashing technique is essential to combating this virus and potentially saving yourself, and others, from infection. That is why the Center of Hyperhidrosis, who specializes in hand maintenance and care, has put together a guide of how to wash hands the proper way. 


Importance of Handwashing

There are many different factors behind the importance of handwashing. For one, washing your hands can keep you healthy and prevent the spread of viruses and other bacteria from you to another person or place. This especially holds significance with the current outbreak of COVID-19 that is plaguing so much of the world right now. It is recommended that people wash their hands as often as possible, but there are certain instances where you should definitely wash your hands. 

  1. Before you touch your face in any way.
  2. Before and after preparing or eating food.
  3. If you have touched a contaminated or high-risk surface or objects. For example, doorknobs, water fountains, public transportation, and other highly trafficked surfaces are much higher risk for viruses and bacteria, so it is important to remember to take extra precautions around these areas. 
  4. If you sneezed, coughed, or blew your nose.
  5. After using the restroom. 


While there are many other instances where washing your hands is important, being especially mindful of the times above are key to maintaining your health, and the health of others.


How to Wash Hands

Most people learn how to wash their hands when they are young. Most people don’t know, however, how complicated proper handwashing techniques can be. It is essential to adequately wash all parts of your hand in order to efficiently clean them. For that reason, The Center of Hyperhidrosis has laid out steps for how to wash hands properly and maintain overall hand hygiene for prevention of coronavirus.

  1. Wet your hands with clean water, and apply soap. One common misconception is that the water must be warm, but actually, cold water works just the same. 
  2. Lather your hands with the soap as much as possible. 
  3. Once the soap has activated (formed bubbles), scrub the palms of your hands together.
  4. Next, scrub the back of each hand.
  5. After that, be sure to properly clean and lather soap under your nails.
  6. Then, scrub each section of the outside of one hand’s fingers with the palm of the other. This includes the nails, the middle section of the fingers, the end section of the fingers, and the knuckles and joints between these sections. 
  7. It is important to remember to clean the thumbs of each hand. 
  8. The next step is to interlock the fingers of each hand, one on top of the other. Use the fingers from the top hand to wash in between the fingers of the bottom as you interlace them, including the base of each finger. Once this is complete, repeat this process with the hand positions switched. 
  9. Next, rinse the soap off of your hands from high to low (your wrist to your fingers) so that the soap is completely removed. 
  10. Finally, dry your hands with a clean towel or allow them to air dry.


While this process may seem extensive, it will not take long to become a habit each time you wash your hands. The steps are easy to follow, but will make a huge difference in your overall hand hygiene and your hand hygiene for prevention of Coronavirus. 


How Long to Wash Hands

It isn’t enough to speed through those steps and consider your hands clean. Timing is another key part of a proper handwashing technique. It is important to also understand how long to wash your hands. 

According to the CHC, you should be lathering soap on your hands for at least 20 seconds. Emphasis should be on the words at least. While this is the minimum recommended time, there is no harm in taking your time and making sure that you properly carry out the steps listed above. 

If you have trouble keeping track of time or knowing when to stop, try singing “Happy Birthday” twice. If that isn’t entertaining enough, find parts of your favorite songs that are at least 20 seconds and sing or hum those to yourself. That way, the time can be more enjoyable while also ensuring you are getting a proper clean. 


The Center of Hyperhidrosis Hand Hygiene

The Center of Hyperhidrosis has many specialties, but one of our priorities has always been the proper maintenance of the hands, specifically throughout treatment of palmar hyperhidrosis. Proper hand hygiene can be very impactful for those with palmar hyperhidrosis, but it is also impactful for each and every one of us, especially in a time like this. It is the primary focus of The Center of Hyperhidrosis to care and maintain the wellbeing of as many people as possible. While handwashing may seem like a small thing, it can have a huge impact on the wellbeing of people far and wide. So from all of us at The Center of Hyperhidrosis, be smart, wash your hands, and stay safe.

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