Body Hygiene and The Importance of Personal Hygiene

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With the global pandemic encompassing all parts of society, an emphasis on cleanliness and the importance of personal hygiene have emerged as key parts of getting through the hardships of COVID-19. It has become essential that every person plays their part in maintaining their health in order to help maintain the health of others. The Center of Hyperhidrosis has always valued personal hygiene and any means of improving the health and happiness of yourself and those around you. That is why, in a time like this, it is more important than ever to see the benefits of personal hygiene and understand the importance of personal hygiene. The Center of Hyperhidrosis has laid out everything you need to know about body hygiene so that we can all do our part in getting the world back to a better state.


What is Personal Hygiene?

Personal hygiene deals with the continued cleanliness of one’s body, clothing, and overall being in order to preserve and maintain your health.  Every day we are exposed to millions of germs, viruses, bacteria, and more and it is each of our responsibilities to maintain proper personal and body hygiene so that we can limit our exposure, thus protecting our health and the health of others. It is clear that practices like these are more important than ever. Understanding the different ways to maintain good personal hygiene can make a far-reaching difference in our personal lives, the lives of our families of friends, and the lives of everyone around us who are currently experiencing the same hardships we are. That is why The Center of Hyperhidrosis has compiled some tips to help maintain good body hygiene.


Maintaining Proper Body Hygiene

Personal hygiene varies from person to person, but there are some fundamental pieces that hold importance to each of us.

Hand Washing

Hand washing is arguably one of the most important personal hygiene practices that we can carry out. It should be done often and well in order to protect ourselves and so many others. Hand washing should be done after using the restroom, before and after making or eating food, before or after we have touched high populated surfaces, before and after we have touched other hands, and any other time you feel it is appropriate. The good thing about handwashing is that it is easy, effective, and there is no such thing as overdoing it!


Shower Hygiene

Shower hygiene greatly contributes to each person’s overall body hygiene. It is everyone’s prerogative as to how often they shower, but less is not necessarily more in this case. Good shower hygiene will help to rinse off dead skin cells, oils, dirt, and especially help protect from any viruses and bacteria that you may have picked up along the day. Included in shower hygiene is washing your hair, which can also contain build-ups of unwanted substances. Whatever your shower routine is, it is important to remember to thoroughly wash all parts of the body so that you can be fresh and clean each day. 


Teeth Hygiene

We have been taught from a young age to brush our teeth twice and day- and don’t forget to floss! This isn’t for nothing though. Maintaining proper teeth hygiene is a huge part in preserving overall body hygiene. Caring for your teeth and gums helps eliminate germs and bacteria and can prevent a number of different diseases. 


Nail Hygiene

Nails are often an overlooked part of good body hygiene but are just as important to maintain as anything else. Trimming your nails semi-regularly will help to keep them at appropriate lengths so that unwanted dirt and germs do not build under them. It is important to note that biting your nails should be avoided at all costs. Not only is it a tricky habit to shake, but it is also a direct way to expose harmful germs, bacteria, and viruses to your face and mouth. 


Overall Hygiene Tips

While each of the sectors of hygiene listed above are important, they are not all-inclusive. There are some additional hygiene practices that should be followed in order to properly maintain personal health and the health of others. 

  1. Cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough. 
  2. Wipe down popularly touched surfaces like doorknobs, toilet and sink handles, etc.
  3. Don’t forget to clean personal items that you frequently use like your phone, your keys, your watch, even your credit cards.
  4. Getting a full night’s sleep is another commonly overlooked part of personal hygiene. Getting ample rest will help to keep your immune system healthy and active. 


Benefits of Personal Hygiene

Building proper personal hygiene habits takes repetition and time. If done right, however, it can truly help your physical, emotional, and mental health, not to mention do the same for those around you. Another benefit of personal hygiene is the feeling of confidence that you will experience when you know you have taken care of yourself and are groomed physically and mentally. Additionally, a sense of comfort from those around you can be a benefit of personal hygiene. If people see that you take care of yourself and are responsible with your health, they are more likely to trust you. It can also be extremely off-putting to meet someone who may be smelly, dirty, or rude by coughing or sneezing without following any rules of care. 

Finally, potentially the largest benefit of personal hygiene is disease prevention. We are currently all living through the impacts of COVID-19, and the hardships are more trying than anyone could have imagined. Good hygiene can help to slow the progression of the virus down, stop it’s spread, and hopefully prevent something like this from ever happening again. 


Importance of Personal Hygiene

Why is good hygiene important? The importance of personal hygiene is more far-reaching than ever before. Each person’s personal hygiene can play a direct role in the personal hygiene of others, and the overall state of our world’s well-being. Following the personal hygiene recommendations above can help you to be healthier and happier, and can help others do the same. Ultimately, in uncertain times like this, we have to be united. The best way each of us can do that is to follow proper health standards and maintain personal hygiene expectations. That way, we can each do our part in getting ourselves, and the world, in better health.


To learn more about services that we offer to help better your health, happiness, and overall well-being, check out our services pages or call today at 212-342-1354. 

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