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No one can help treat your hyperhidrosis condition like the experts at the Center for Hyperhidrosis can. We create personalized plans to best fit the needs and concerns of each individual person and their condition. Our procedures are effective and designed to help you live a better, and more carefree life without the overwhelming distractions and fears that can come with hyperhidrosis. 

In addition to our medical procedures, if you are looking to take your treatment steps to the next level, combined therapies can oftentimes be beneficial for many of our patients. Combined therapies include taking additional precautions or exercising additional treatment options on top of the efforts of The Center of Hyperhidrosis. One of the best means of doing this is to explore some of the top products for hyperhidrosis. These products for hyperhidrosis can help you take the extra step to ensure that hyperhidrosis no longer has a big effect on your day to day life. That is why The Center of Hyperhidrosis has compiled some of the best products for excessive sweating to help you combat your condition once and for all. 

Products For Excessive Sweating


  1. GoldBonds® or Scholls®. 


Both of these brands offer a foot powder that can make a big difference in the excessive sweating of your feet. This product for excessive sweating is a great addition to the resources that you can compile to fight against your condition. 


  1. Cool- Jams™. 


Cool-Jams offers products for hyperhidrosis pertaining to when you sleep. They carry moisture-wicking pajamas and bedding to help you stay cooler, and more importantly drier, at night. 


  • Sweat-Stop®. 


Sweat-stop® offers a variety of different products for sweaty hands and feet. They range from body sprays, aloes, lotions, and more all with the common goal of combating excessive perspiration! 


  • Wicked Sheets®. 


Wicked Sheets® is another great company that offers bedding that is moisture-wicking, dries faster, is breathable, and has many other extra benefits to help you get the best night of sleep possible. Sleeping is essential for the health and well-being of every person, and your comfort level should never be compromised because of a condition like hyperhidrosis. Companies like this have created products for excessive sweating to help you directly combat the effects of hyperhidrosis. 


  • RA Fisher. 


RA Fisher is a modern technology company that focuses on its modern iontophoresis machine. It is innovative products for hyperhidrosis like these that can make a huge difference in dealing with your condition. 


  • Summer Soles®. 


Summer Soles® is on the favorites list of products for hyperhidrosis for many who deal with this condition. Summer Soles® carries insoles that absorb and resist the moisture that your feet produce. One of the biggest benefits to Summer Soles® products for excessive sweating is that they help you to avoid the common issue of slipping in your shoes. It is a frustration that many of us face, and one that Summer Soles® works hard to address and correct. 


  • Certain Dri®. 


Certain Dri® is an antiperspirant brand that is stronger and more effective than traditional antiperspirants but is still over-the-counter. It is a brand made specifically to create products for excessive sweating and a stronger antiperspirant can go a long way in helping deal with sweat. 


  • Drionic®. 


Last but not least, Drionic® is an electronic products company that creates equipment like armpit devices and confidence kits to help you deal with your excessive sweating. 


You can find the links to many of these companies and their hyperhidrosis products on the product recommendation page for the Center of Hyperhidrosis. 

It is important to remember that these products for sweaty hands and feet should be used mostly for additional support, and not as the sole treatment for hyperhidrosis. The treatments available from The Center of Hyperhidrosis are going to ultimately be the beneficial and effective treatments for hyperhidrosis that you have been looking for. Call us today for more information on how The Center for Hyperhidrosis can help you battle your condition- and win!



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